Mission & Vision

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To provide dedicated, comprehensive simulation resources for health care providers and learners of all levels to
enhance learning, application of knowledge, and research.  Our programs will employ advanced simulation techniques to facilitate the development of cognitive, psychomotor,
and interpersonal skills across all domains.


                                                                     To use innovative simulation
                               training and research to enable each healthcare provider to deliver the patient
                                                care experience we want for our families and ourselves


  • Increase the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of patient care through innovative, interdisciplinary training
  • Allow for learning in a safe, non-threatening, and controlled environment away from the clinical setting
  • Build confidence and increase the performance of clinicians
  • Increase exposure to critical, yet low frequency patient encounters in order to minimize the risk to patients
  • Increase effective communication among all members of our healthcare team
  • Develop simulation as a tool for the assessment of clinical skills
  • Use focused, methodologically sound research to measure the impact of simulation activities on learning and ultimately, clinical practice
  • Significantly enhance quality improvement initiatives using simulation activities
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